Dobrodelno združenje KORAKI ZA KORAKCE
Ulica nadvojvode Janeza 4
2341 Limbuš
Telephone:   +386(0)41 734 815, 
Tax number:  25603949
Registration number: 4010531
Transaction Account at Novi KBM d.d.,  No. SI56 0417 3000 1578 578
Members of the Association
Andreja Kračun,              President of the Association
mag. Barbara Kobale,       Vice President
Zdenka Križanič,              Vice President
Marjana Leskovšek,         Treasurer
Jerica Rečnik,                 Secretary
Heather  Pirjevec, prof.dr. Davorin Kračun, Slavica Šonaja,  Marta Kanič
Technical support:    Drago Podlesnik
Honorary member:  Dr. Miha Kos
First President:   Andreja Kračun
In life, each one of us goes his own way. Some paths are easier, others harder. What is nobler? What is more human than to ease the hardest steps of those whose paths are steep and difficult?
At the charitable association KORAKI ZA KORAKCE we have taken this idea literally. 2008 we organized the first charity walk KORAKI ZA KORAKCE and since then have been marching. Why? Simple! The mission of our BIG STEPS is to help LITTLE STEPS, so that despite the steep path, their step will be lighter.